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About Us

Simple ideas can change the world. Our idea is to show everyone how to love better.

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What we believe

There’s nothing more important than love. The scientific community agrees:

  • Healthy relationships are as vital to your overall health as diet and exercise;

  • People in healthy marriages live 10 years longer on average;

  • The main factor in a kid’s cognitive development is the emotional connection of the parents;

  • The key indicator of happiness is maintaining intimate relationships, particularly your marriage.

So, we believe it's our responsibility to ensure that all people have access to a relationship counseling tool. That's our app, and we're sticking to it.

Read our piece on why everyone needs Lasting.

And while you’re at it, tap or click to watch our story on how this all came to be (“Give Lasting Love).

Who we are

We’re a group of relationship experts, backed by the The Knot, the leading wedding brand.


It's hard to talk about who we are without talking about our founder, Steve Dziedzic. In 2013, working at The Knot, Steve began helping 80% of America's engaged couples get married. Through the lens of this wedding brand behemoth, Steve realized that it was possible to reach the vast majority of America's couples through technology.

In 2016, Steve became the first-ever Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The Knot and embarked on a scientific plunge into marriage. He became a certified relationship educator and expert on relationship health.

His wife, Rebecca, helped him at every step of the way.

In 2017, Steve and Rebecca also teamed up with a remarkable psychotherapist named Liz Colizza.


Liz is a seasoned clinician and the Lasting Head of Couples Therapy. Together, Steve, Rebecca, and Liz rooted the Lasting program in the scientific method of relationships.

View the research here.

Our mission

To help people love better. 

Love is often misunderstood. It's not about personal gain, but about connection, commitment, and sacrifice. 

By creating a simple, accessible product that empowers couples to love better, we believe that we can help people create healthier relationships with others and their own selves. Contrary to popular belief, relationships create healthier individuals—not the other way around.

If you want to learn how to love better, start our program with our free quiz.

Corporate info

Lasting is a part of The Knot Worldwide, the parent company of The Knot (the nation's #1 wedding planning resource) and The Bump (the #1 voice for millennial parents and parents-to-be). The Knot Worldwide helps people navigate and enjoy life's biggest moments. The Lasting crew is ridiculously excited to help keep your relationship healthy and happy. 

Frequently asked questions

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