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Free Marriage Counseling

Three free resources that are changing marriages within minutes

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Looking for marriage counseling but concerned for your bank account?

We get it. Counseling is expensive and often an ongoing, out-of-pocket cost. But the first step to marriage repair is admitting what you need and searching for it. You’re on the right track!

In fact, it takes couples an average of 6 years to seek help after a problem surfaces--oftentimes when it’s too late. Don’t let the cost barrier stop you from working on your relationship.

Let us help. At Lasting, we believe that healthy marriage is the product of small, consistent gestures and not just extravagant ones. That’s why we created the nation’s leading relationship counseling app: to help couples who feel stuck move forward together, each and every day.

With series by experienced marriage therapists and tools to help you address a wide range of relationship topics, Lasting provides excellent marriage counseling at the tip of your fingers.

Here are three free resources we offer to help you get the free marriage counseling you are looking for:

First, our Marriage Health Intro series is available at no cost.

That’s right, it’s totally free! This series includes a five-session introduction to building marriage health, a marriage health assessment, an audio track titled, “How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy,” and 3 exercises you can do today based on the most vital marriage health concepts. One recent user told us that his marriage was fundamentally changed within the first five minutes of using this session. Download the app to access this today.

Then, if you’re still on the hunt for free resources, check out our Marriage Advice article, which has pulled together the research of the world’s top marriage experts to give you the 10 best pieces of marriage advice for building a happier, healthier relationship. Start strengthening your relationship today by putting this advice into practice.

And lastly, follow our social media platforms to stay updated on new content and other affordable resources. Our Instagram account @getlasting posts advice and quotes and other relationship health content every week, so keep a look out and always stay ready to learn!

Our mission is to help couples love better, and we strive to do that through every resource we share. We would love to come alongside you as you pursue greater marriage health. Don’t let cost stop you from living the dream.

To unlock the entire app and hundreds of sessions, it’s just $11.99/month or $79.99/year--a fraction of what it would cost for even one traditional counseling session. Download Lasting today and let us know how it’s helped you. We would love to be part of your story.