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Frequently asked questions regarding the product, the research, subscriptions, and payments

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Who is Lasting for?

Lasting is a simple way to build your marriage health and is for all couples. Relationships can become stronger at any age, and it's never too early or too late to start. Lasting is personalized based on your needs.

What research has been done? 

Lasting is based off of decades of marriage studies 🔬 from America's foremost marriage and behavior researchers. The Lasting crew used these studies to create a novel, app-based program.

How much does it cost? 

The Marriage Health Intro series is a free, five-session introduction to building marriage health and includes an assessment, an audio track entitled "How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy," and three exercises on the three most vital marriage health concepts.

To unlock the entire app and hundreds of sessions for two users, it's just $11.99/month or $79.99/year.

Can I use Lasting on my own?

Yes, it's totally up to you. Some use the app to become better partners, while others use it to grow together as a couple. We designed the program to support both, and regardless, a subscription comes with two spots.

How do I get my partner to join?

We've thought a lot about this question and created an entire page dedicated to helping you get your partner excited about Lasting.

How should I get started?

Here's the ideal path to getting started:

  • Take your assessment

  • Invite your partner and compare your assessments. Note where you agree and disagree.

  • Add relevant, recommended series to the "Home" 🏡 tab

  • Finish the Marriage Health Intro's five free sessions and discuss the concepts

  • Start your seven-day free Premium trial and begin your first series. Generally speaking, we recommend a few sessions per week for maximum marriage impact.

How do my partner and I share and compare our sessions?

When you create your Lasting account, you'll receive a "Pairing Code." All your partner has to do is input your pairing code into their app (either on the My Home tab or Profile tab), and you'll see that your apps are connected. After you finish an assessment or exercise, if you tap back into that session, you will see sharing permissions, which will enable you to share your sessions or keep them private. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

For iPhone
Lasting subscriptions are purchased via your iTunes account, so canceling your subscription can be done on your Subscriptions page in your iPhone's Settings app.  Please note that you cannot cancel your subscription inside the Lasting app; it must be done via your iPhone's Settings app.

Here are the steps to canceling your subscription in your iPhone's Settings app, as written by Apple:

  • Open your Settings app

  • Tap "iTunes & App Store"

  • Tap on your Apple ID

  • Tap View Apple ID (you might need to sign in or use Touch ID)

  • Tap Subscriptions

  • Tap on the subscription that you want to manage

  • Use the options to cancel or manage your subscription

For Android
Lasting subscriptions are purchased via the Google Play store. To cancel:

  • Go to your Google Play app

  • Tap the Menu icon

  • Tap on "Account"

  • Tap on your subscriptions

For Web
Lasting subscriptions are purchased via our website. To cancel:

  • Go to your My Account page

  • Tap Subscription Options

  • Tap on "Disable Automatic Renewal”

If you have any trouble whatsoever, feel free to send us an email any time if you ever have any concerns. Click here to send an email to our Customer Care Team. We'll get back to you lightning fast. Feel free to write us at any time. 

I have a question about my account.

Reach out to our Customer Care at any time. Click here to email, or reach out to