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Marriage Counseling Near Me

The three biggest barriers to counseling and one way to overcome them.

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If you’ve recognized a conflict in your relationship and you’re searching for marriage counseling near you, you’re not alone.

Over 20,000 people search “marriage counseling near me” every month. But we know that the step from finding a counselor online to walking into a therapist’s office is a big one.

In fact, according to Dr. John Gottman’s research, most couples wait 6 years after noticing a problem before they try therapy. There are many reasons for that, including the fear of exposing your underlying issues or concern that your partner may not want to participate. It may also be due to factors like location, time, cost and stigma.

But Lasting can help.

Written by marriage therapists, our counseling app provides excellent content and tools to help you love better. The best part? Lasting overcomes the three major barriers generally associated with counseling:

1.The location

Lasting is available to you at any time and any place. With Lasting, you can improve your marriage right from the comfort of your home. Lasting used data from 126 longitudinal studies and insights from seasoned marriage therapists to get you the best marriage advice, relationship exercises, and daily prompts to strengthen your bond. And the best part is: you can access it all anywhere from your phone or device. No commuting, and no schedule-wrangling.

2.The time & cost

Each session will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Lasting also serves as a digital therapist, eliminating the stress of building rapport with just one person, and provides you with real-time help without breaking the bank. For a small monthly or annual fee, you’ll have amazing marriage resources at your fingertips.

3.The stigma

When it comes to counseling, another barrier that hinders couples from getting the help they need is stigma.

It’s common that one or both partners feel they don’t need counseling, because their problems don’t align with problems they perceive need professional help. But the truth is, marriage is about small, consistent efforts rather than just large, fixing gestures when something is off. The daily reminders from the app will help you work on the areas you want to grow in while also serving as a tool for “marriage maintenance.”

Couples like Trista and Ryan Sutter are using the app for just that: keeping the spark alive by anticipating their future needs. “We’ve partnered with Lasting to spread the word about getting the help you need before you might even need it,” says Trista, in an exclusive interview with Women’s Health Magazine.

So however big or small your problems are, Lasting will meet you right where you are and help you build the relationship you’ve always wanted.

According to our data, 70% of men and 74.4% of women feel unsatisfied with the communication between them and their spouse, and most who search for accessible marriage counseling are looking for healthier ways communicate.

That’s why Lasting was designed to be an unbiased relationship facilitator. Our goal is to help you express your concerns in a healthy, gentle way that invites your partner to do the same.

So if you’re searching for marriage counseling near you—look no further.

With Lasting, you’ll have the best marriage tools at your fingertips, and as your relationship evolves, Lasting will grow with you too. Whether you need help with communication, money, in-laws, expectations, repair, or sex, Lasting can support you in your journey to a healthy marriage. Download Lasting today and check out the free assessment to get started.