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Is your soulmate your moneymate?

Lasting and Northwestern Mutual team up to give away 1,000 Lasting app subscriptions to help couples become moneymates, making their relationship more solid than ever.

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Moneymates are soulmates with staying power.

Scientifically, the foundation of your relationship is emotional connection. So how does that apply to your finances? Well, your relationship with money is emotionally-based, as are the conversations you have with your partner about money.

When couples learn how to open up and discuss the emotional layers behind spending and saving, their relationship benefits. That’s why Lasting is teaming up with Northwestern Mutual to give away 1,000 subscriptions today—in order to help couples unlock more emotional connection and excel at managing money together.

Be #moneymates and get your free subscription today!

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Here’s your free Northwestern Mutual code:


To redeem the code, simply download the Lasting app. Tap on “I have Lasting through an organization” at the bottom of the screen. Enter the code and create your account!

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Moneymates start strong and grow stronger.

The nation’s #1 relationship counseling app, Lasting, and Northwestern Mutual are helping couples across the country by giving away 1,000 free subscriptions. Why wait? 94% of our couples report stronger relationships.