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Online Marriage Counseling

How to change your marriage without the barriers of time, cost, location or therapist-fit.

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Can you really get marriage counseling online?!

In today’s digital world, you can do most things online: earn a degree, order food, shop for groceries, and even buy a car. Online options remove barriers to services like time, location and often even cost.

Thousands of people search for “online marriage counseling” each month (perhaps you are one of them!), and we’re thrilled to tell you that the no. 1 wedding brand, The Knot, has released the no. 1 marriage counseling app, Lasting.

You can now access marriage counseling online, removing the barriers of time, location, therapist-fit, and even stigma.

Packed with data-driven content and tools by licensed marriage therapists, Lasting offers top-notch marriage counseling in the convenience and affordability of an app.

  • There are series on the most foundational marriage topics like Money, Sex, Conflict, and Expectations.

  • Lasting also offers specific life-stage series, like Pre-Marital, Dating & Parenthood.

  • You can read or listen to the sessions in quick 5-minute bursts.

  • The app includes insightful assessments about problem areas and daily reminders to keep the spark alive in practical ways.

  • You can even pair the app with your partner to see which assessments they’ve taken and compare your answers.

Maybe you’re wondering, “But does it actually work?”

We’ve polled our subscribers, and it turns out that after using Lasting, 94% of them reported new relationship strengths.

People like Kevin (see below for a video of his experience!) say they learned things they’d never heard before in other counseling sessions, and that implementing the daily reminders made them look like a superhero spouse. Kevin said his marriage was fundamentally changed in just five minutes.

So if you’re looking for online marriage counseling and you’re not sure where to start, search no further. Time, money, stigma, and location are no longer barriers to getting the relationship help you need.

You get all the benefits of professional counseling without the stress of building rapport with just one therapist, and you get ongoing help across a broad range of topics all at a fee less than one hour of traditional therapy.

Lasting’s number one goal is to help you love better, so sign up today to build the bond you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t take our word for it; take Kevin’s!