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The Secret to Lasting Relationships

Lasting’s Head of Therapy shares tips for building a lasting marriage in this free 30-minute online seminar for engaged couples.

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Register for the Online Workshop

Sign up for a free online relationship seminar with Liz Colizza, our Head of Therapy, as she shares the research-backed common denominator* in lasting relationships.

*Spoiler: nail this concept 86% of the time for a healthy relationship!

Not available at that time to join the live seminar? Sign up below to watch the seminar on-demand. We will email you a link after the workshop.

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“Lasting has helped my partner and I immensely. Right off the bat, it opened lines of communication about long-dormant issues that needed to be addressed and guided us through the conversations that resulted. We’re not only learning how to be better spouses, but each session helps us discover a little bit more about ourselves - the expectations we bring to our partner, both fair and unfair.”

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What is the format of the seminar? Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email and calendar invite with a link to a Zoom video call. At the day/time of the seminar you signed up for, click the link on your phone or computer to open Zoom. You’ll be able to see and hear Liz, but don’t worry - it’s not a two-way video call! You’ll be able to communicate via Zoom’s Q&A and Chat features.

Who is Liz Colizza? Liz Colizza MAC, LPC, NCC is a private-practice psychotherapist and the Head of Therapy at Lasting, the nation’s no. 1 relationship counseling app.

Can this really teach us something in 30 minutes? Yes! Liz and the team at Lasting have distilled hundreds of the top scientific studies on marriage into easy-to-digest principles. The concept Liz will be covering in this workshop is often referred to as a “game-changer”.