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“What if I just know my partner doesn’t want to try counseling?”

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If this is how you feel, consider this:

Many Lasting couples report success stories together, but we know it’s not always easy to start. In fact, it’s very common for one partner to think that the other will react negatively when they ask them to join.

But when our users do ask them to join, they’re often surprised by their partner’s willingness to join.

For the moment, give your partner the benefit of the doubt. It’s a universal human longing to connect deeply with another. Expressing your feelings to your partner—gently, lovingly, and reassuringly—could be the prompt your partner needs to share back.

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How would your partner respond if you told them how much you’d love to work on your relationship together? What if you told them that it only took 5 minutes a day and that it’d mean a lot to you?

Join the 94% of couples who report building new strengths when using the app together.

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