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How Therapists Can Integrate Lasting

Our Head of Therapy shares how we work with mental health professionals

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Built by therapists.

There are thousands of approaches to couples therapy, but only a few are proven to help. So, we asked, “What if we took the best approaches and designed a new experience?” The result was the Lasting app, based on 126 scientific studies. It’s become the nation’s no. 1 relationship counseling app.

Rooted in Attachment Theory, Lasting helps couples nurture their emotional connection, using elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, and mindfulness practices. We believe Lasting can compliment your approach, too.

For mental health professionals:

For both professionals and couples:

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Research shows that optimal outcomes happen with a mix of in-person and digital therapy. Additionally, 94% of the couples that use the Lasting app report new strengths. Claim your free guest pass to Lasting today.


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So, how can Lasting integrate into a client therapy plan?

As with any therapy tool or best practice, Lasting is best integrated into therapy when you collaborate with your client on how it fits into their therapy plan.

Here are few suggestions on how Lasting is best integrated into therapy:

  • You and your client(s) decide together which sessions they will complete between therapy sessions. Essentially, you’re using Lasting sessions to compliment the work they are already doing in therapy.

  • You and your client go through a Lasting session together during a therapy session.

  • You use the work they've completed in Lasting as a starting point for a therapy session. Ask them, "What was helpful?" or "How do you want me to step into the Lasting work you've done? " Maybe even, "What’s something that came up with Lasting that you want to continue with?"

  • You use Lasting content to redirect or alter your current therapy plan. Lasting has different series of content that focus on specific relationship areas. You can ask your client to choose directly from the Library tab based on what they currently need to work on.

  • If you are working with both partners, then you can help them discuss their compared answers for Lasting sessions (with every session, partners can explore each other’s expressed thoughts and feelings).

If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’d love to talk to you about how you can make Lasting a part of your therapy practice.

Don’t forget to explore the app for yourself, and please share your learnings and wisdom with us. We can all benefit from the power of community.