What is Lasting?

Lasting is the nation’s #1 relationship counseling app. We empower couples who feel stuck to move forward, together. Our program distills decades of research into daily 5-minute sessions, eliminating the time, cost and stigma associated with marriage counseling. Backed by The Knot, we’re on a mission to help the world love better.

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Relationships are 2x more likely to succeed with community support. That means we’ve got to get everyone on board if we want to make marriages healthier.

Even more fun? When you share Lasting 5 times using your referral link—on social media, via emails to friends and family, or by copy/pasting into text messages—we’ll mail ya the softest ever, scientifically-validated t-shirt.


Want a T-shirt sneak peek?

In marriage, there are thousands of tiny turning points where partners attempt to connect with one another emotionally. While no single turning point is hugely consequential, over time, across thousands of them, partners internalize one of two cognitive stories: “My partner has my back,” or “My partner doesn’t". We want your partner to be reminded of this fact, so that’s why we made this t-shirt, in partnership with Ali Makes Things.

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That’s it. You’re making marriages healthier, and you rock for that.

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