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Lasting for Work

Transform your Employee Wellness Program with the nation's no. 1 marriage counseling app.

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Lasting is the best wellness investment you can make.

Studies 🔬 show that marital distress is strongly correlated to health, wellness, and work loss. How do you help your employees with marriage and family issues?

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$6.8B in revenue is lost annually by companies due to marriage and family issues outside the workplace.¹

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We have the most accessible, affordable, and effective marriage tool today.

We've synthesized decades of marriage research into a highly accessible mobile app for your employees.

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94% of Lasting couples report new relationship skills in communication, conflict, and emotional connection.

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¹Forthofer, M. S., Markman, H. J., Cox, M., Stanley, S., & Kessler, R. C. (1996). Associations Between Marital Distress and Work Loss in a National Sample. Journal of Marriage and the Family. Vol. 58 (3), 597-605.

²Schramm, D. G. (2006). Individual and social costs of divorce in Utah. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Vol. 27 (1), 133-151.