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Lasting gets to know your relationship and creates a program just for you. Enjoy hundreds of exercises, quizzes, and insights.


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What People Are Saying


"Lasting has brought more clarity to my relationship in 2 months than 2 years with a therapist.

"I really loved the Emotional Connection series and the Conflict series. Really powerful sessions."
- April, Married 5 Years

"The content is seriously amazing. My mind was blown away by the marriage research.

"I loved the actionable counsel, based in data and research. I wish I could hug you Lasting people!"
- Jeremy, Married 1 Year

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Why It Works: Decades of Research



We've distilled decades of research into 5-minute, accessible sessions designed to give you the right tools for building a healthy marriage.

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"Lasting made me think of a lot of things I haven't given attention to."

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Communication, Sex, and More

We'll recommend focus areas based on your assessment, but you get to choose the areas you want.









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Build a Lasting marriage.

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