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Lasting gets to know your relationship and creates a program just for you. Enjoy hundreds of exercises, quizzes, and insights.


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What People Are Saying


"I feel so much more empowered in all aspects of my relationship. I'm so thankful for Lasting!

"I really loved the Emotional Connection series and the Conflict series. Really powerful sessions."
- April, Married 5 Years

"The content is seriously amazing. My mind was blown away by the marriage research.

"I loved the actionable counsel, based in data and research. I wish I could hug you Lasting people!"
- Jeremy, Married 1 Year

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Why It Works: Decades of Research



We've distilled decades of research into 5-minute, accessible sessions designed to give you the right tools for building a healthy marriage.

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"I was honestly surprised by how much I learned from Lasting."

Brit + Co Editor

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Communication, Sex, and More

We'll recommend focus areas based on your assessment, but you get to choose the areas you want.









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